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junior miss dom

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(neniu temo) [feb. 7-a, 2006|01:22 pm]
junior miss dom
[Nuna humoro |sicksick]
[Nuna muziko |slut talk]

hah gina bacola for winter queen what a joke
im now in english, and realizing how shitty the social heirarchy of high school really is, not just high school, but dv, come on, that ^ up there is not ok
and everyone wears walmart
fuck this place
just a little bit though
im in a weird mood today, i feel tired, i walked into my house last night after work and passed out on the floor, then i woke up at like 5 and moved to my bed which just sucked then i took a shower and i was cold and it sucked i dont even remember comming home last night, thats the scary part, i just woke up on my floor still in uniform 2ft from the door. i cant wait to get home and go to bed
i dont know what to update about
its not fair that i feel this shitty when i just started to feel kinda good about everything. whatever
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You construct intricate rituals which allow you to touch the skin of other men [feb. 6-a, 2006|01:37 pm]
junior miss dom
[Nuna humoro |exhaustedexhausted]
[Nuna muziko |english shits]

hey whose fuckin excited i may be comming to the boston area for a little visit!
i need mal to call me, so if your mal, call me
and travis too.

so i thought i had some form of something awful but it turns out i most likely have mono. yea i dont know how i got it but, i get to go to the doctor and fuck myself because that means bad things.
i hope i get better this is a real downer.
advice to everyone...sleep whenever, wherever

in other news aside from feeling like crap im pretty content
i learned to cash out at mcdonalds the other day, i love learning
i also taught my math teacher how to do math today
i feel like im improving in school and to have to sit out for a while would make me disapointed, because im actually starting to care

ive been smoking crazy shit lately, i think ill take like a week break
its taking its toll

i also learned that the rastifarian religion requires you to smoke weed
fuck yea

so my head is tired
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(neniu temo) [jan. 24-a, 2006|02:03 pm]
junior miss dom
hmm so shit! its laurens birthday! thats exciting, and someone correct me if im wrong but its saidie's soon too...damn and t's already happened, what a birthday filled good time, i wish i was celebrating all these good birthdays. but im here therefore i suck...
nothing else is new really same ol' shit
smokin reefer with distinction
happy birthday lauren!
i cant wait to take a shit i need to go
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(neniu temo) [jan. 19-a, 2006|02:21 pm]
junior miss dom
[Nuna humoro |disappointeddisappointed]
[Nuna muziko |black people]

i feel shitty, for the first time in my life im feeling jealousy, and i dont like it, it makes me feel like a bad person, but whatever
so today mrs. birns fucked up my final and made me want to stab myself, im so pissed off because i was actually beginning to like it and now it just kinda sucks and is unusable for anything. and she wouldnt accept my essay bc it wasnt typed and i dont have a computer so fuck her...
i cant really describe how i feel.
i guess i feel over all helpless
i need to register for the SAT in april or may, but i dont have the cash, i need to get my act together and stop being such a fuck up.
i think ill work at mcdonalds forever.
who knows, i just feel like all the people that ever supported me have just kinda stopped caring because ive become lathargic with school, i hate when people think im retarded because my grades arnt great and i take some shitty classes,
i dont care fuck you if you think im retarded
the other day i was sitting with my friend and they pretty much told me i was stupid and wouldnt have money, some friend...but i guess its true, if i dont fix myself ill never really pursue my dream. i dont think im quite ready to jump into the art world, im really not vicous enough to shuve my stuff up peoples asses, grantite i dont make much anymore but even little sketches make me feel timid, i dont like to be judged and compared, i just want to be myself
i dont know where that shit came from but onwards...
mal goes home tommorrow that also makes me feel like shit because i didnt even get to see her really, i feel like a bad person overall lately
but whatever who knows maybe things will come together
i love it when a plan comes together
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piss down my leg, but im happy [jan. 6-a, 2006|01:58 pm]
junior miss dom
[Nuna humoro |draineddrained]
[Nuna muziko |library jibberish]

I honestly wish i had something to think about but i dont...
so yea im sick, and it sucks really bad, i feel really uncomfortable today and i just want to go home and shower, but i cant, something about school makes me feel like a victim, i wish there were more days in a week, it seems like all i ever want to do is lay down and think, which is great, but not healthy,
my instincts tell me its raining but i looked outside and its clearly not, i wish it was, what a nice day for rain,
my vacation wasnt bad, it was pretty good actually, but now my stomach hurts, you ever get that feeling like there is moss growing inside of you? i have that right now, and it slowly splits your insides and grows up your throut making it scratchy and warm when you breathe? yea i have that, and it sucks, i cant believe life anymore, its just too crazy
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(neniu temo) [dec. 22-a, 2005|08:33 am]
junior miss dom
[Nuna humoro |lovedloved]

im in 1st period, and i dont think ill go to school tommorrow because i just dont feel like it. so if anyone wants to hang out, ill be home till like 3
in other news,
i went to the sussex queen diner last night with g and ellen, it was nice to see old faces, i miss people alot sometimes when i get the time to think about it, which isnt much, but yea we had a good time
i work today, but thats alright, im a little excited
damn im tired today
its like not even being awake
i really want to start skiing, does anyone want to come with me if i ever get off my lazy ass?
id enjoy that
nothing is new i guess
im content
and too tired to make an interesting update
sorry this was a waste
im dreaming of rally x to tell you the truth
o i forgot, mal came home. that was pretty bitchin' she got me some giant pocky, and its awsome..no better than that, excellent party bonus, shit, im tired
well call me if anyone wants to see me over break, but ill probably be out with dan or at work or something, whatever :)
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What are you going to do with all that ass? [dec. 14-a, 2005|01:58 pm]
junior miss dom
[Nuna humoro |accomplishedaccomplished]

So the other day holvy came...corporation, if you didnt know, and we did well, we got AAA, thats the best you can get, thats right, we kick ass....i cant stop thinking of work ever,and the sad thing is i love it, but i have off today so i have to. its 7th period, im in the library, and ive been having the best week evah! yea...the last few days have been amazing, and i hope it doesnt have to stop ever. i think im going to the movies tonight, mm...i love the movies, they make me feel all warm and toasty, like a honey wheat roll...anyway..
nothing is really neuveau' per say. but um let me think, my progress report was slightly disapointing but not, i have an F in foundations, i think thats for fantastic....B in painting C+ in APUS, A in math, C in chem...which wtf? that shits so easy, B in english, and A in band. Overall not too shabby, failing art kinda sucks though, im sick of these here art classes they teach me nothing, they justr give annoying projects, i could assign myself more interesting things to do, its crap. but whatever, fuck it, im just a girl. tehe...my secret agent lover man came into mcd's the other night, and i shit my pants a little. but anyway uh yea thats all i can say, my life is pretty plain, i like watching the puddles gather rain and all i can do is pour some tea for two and speak my point of view but its not sane...
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(neniu temo) [dec. 7-a, 2005|10:46 am]
junior miss dom
yea i have 2 days this week......yesterday afternoon i went to work to only realize i have everyday except friday and saturday off...why did they take my hours...i dont know...but i took the blazer and went cruising and got other job applications,but then i broke down and cried and threw them all away and watched maury: help my oversexed teen beats me!, which was interesting, and oprah: womens edicate. what i bunch of shit, i cant even spell that word, but still it was crap. so then i took a shower and listened to will smith on the stereo, but nothing fixed me, i just felt like shit so i went back to mcdonalds to pick up dan and cried to sean about how i dont want to quit, then i felt a little better, but not really, because now i cant really afford xmas presents..and i really wanted to get only the coolest kids i know some things...i guess ill live like a pauper for a while. i ordered a class ring and i cant even afford to have it, im a waste. im supposed to get a door for my car, and yea i have no money for that either,not to mention that fucking insurance, so after that i went home and watched stupid rich people talk about how thier lives suck bc they are whores and were on americas next top model, which is addicting to watch but dumb, then i talked to mal and still managing to feel like shit went to bed...
and now im here after that lovely day and i have no work today, or the next day and i dont know what to do with myself. on top of feeling like shit the last week this really set me over and all i want is a chocolate bar and some cigs, and maybe someone else to enjoy it with me, i dont know why im acting stupid i dont think im depressed, ive been happier lately than ever, i guess there is always something wrong with everything..ill be fine
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le sex [nov. 29-a, 2005|11:40 am]
junior miss dom
[Nuna humoro |sleepysleepy]

im too lazy to make an update so who knows where this will go...
i have a cold and it sucks but my vaca was really cool, and i bought some really cool shit,
it was nice to see mal and andy although i feel like i didnt get my fill of mal i guess i never really will, shes passed over to the side where lauren is, where ill see her like 4 times a year bc she actually has a life, i just wish we could have been kids for a little longer.
andy seemed to not be happy to be here so im glad he went back, i guess, i just want people to be happy to be alive, thats not alot is it? today i was in the worst mood ever but amazingly i turned into really calm and sleepy but peaceful, maybve because im wearing like five layers of clothes and for the first time in months im not freezing my ass off, who knows...yesterday i went to rockaway hoping to get people shit for that holiday but, i didnt, i wasnt in the mood for buying shit, i was too tired, i went to the mousepad this weekend, that was nice...um yea today it occured to me that the tree outside mr shaffers window is the only tree that hasnt lost its leaves, it made me feel good, i feel so rushed lately and to see this tree still with leaves was just refreshing, did you know that 70% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? i read this somewhere yesterday, isnt that scary? and just weird...i thought so..
these bitches in the library are ugly, i have to leave now
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(neniu temo) [nov. 21-a, 2005|02:11 pm]
junior miss dom
[Nuna humoro |mischievousmischievous]
[Nuna muziko |dykes bitching about books]

life is good.
ive been hanging out with some people who are cooler than ive ever hung out with before, and it makes me feel happy, its like that feeling of warmth when people dont know you but they feel you...does that make sense? i dont have to explain myself. i can just be me...
so while on my break the other night i was sitting outside because it was the most beautious day ever, and i saw the funniest shit ever. this old man played this trick on this teen kid and the kid looked so pissed and the old man was like 80 laughing his ass off...i cant wait to be like that,
well actually i can wait but, it will be fucking badass to be punking people into your 80s
this has been a boring day at school, i cant wait to get out and play and frolic, or probably sit around with dan bc its fucking cold today, but still i cant wait

this weekend was fun wednesday i think i skipped school then thursday i had hat time with some sexy bitches and skipped school friday, saturday i actually woke up and went to work, went out with some kids and went to work sunday in the same clothes, and now its monday again...only 2 more days until the weekend, i think everyday is a
weekend for me now...my hands smell like rubber so im going now
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